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Images of downtown as well as West Ashley, Mount Pleasant, James and Johns Islands, Folly Beach, Isle of Palms, etc. Because Charleston is the best city in America!
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Charleston restaurants violate labor laws ›

Recent press coverage of Charleston ›

The Charleston Area Convention and Visitors Bureau keeps this updated list of recent press coverage of the city. 

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The Case Against Riley & I-526 ›

I hadn’t really considered this side of the traffic issue before, but she makes a lot of good points. Of course there’s also the fact that greater access to these areas will mean increased development, which will also increase traffic congestion (completely overriding any infrastructure benefits, as the NOAA has already admitted), as well as result in inestimable environmental devastation, which is to my mind the biggest argument against it. 

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The Conde Nast Traveler Top Rated Tourist City in the World: Charleston, South Carolina

Second year in a row! Go Charleston! 


The Conde Nast Traveler Top Rated Tourist City in the World: Charleston, South Carolina

Second year in a row! Go Charleston! 

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Magnolia Plantation is on Ghost Hunters right now!

I definitely did not know this was coming! What a cool surprise! 

Also, this show has been on for how many years now? And they’ve just now discovered Charleston? 

Just FYI, tonight’s Ghost Hunters will be investigating the Old City Jail in Charleston.

If I’m not mistaken, this is the first time that The Atlantic Paranormal Society has investigated in Charleston; a strange thing to my mind, as they’ve been on eight years now, and Charleston is so rife with ghost stories. 

There’s probably a large contrast of opinions regarding this show; I myself, though I used to love it, have been pretty much over it for the past few years. I feel like they never really find anything notable anymore except for the things they used to discount as not being objectively considered evidence. Not to mention all the accusations of falsified evidence. However, I will say this in their favor: of all the ghost hunting shows on television now, they’re definitely the best. They are (or at least they used to be) the only one that didn’t get super excited every time they turned a corner, saying things like “I sense a presence in this corner, a violent murder must have taken place”, etc. Their skeptical, debunking approach to the show at the very least deserves one’s respect, even if they’re no longer as skeptical as they once were. 

Anyway…I apologize for the tangent I’ve gone off on.  Just thought everyone would want to know that our beloved city is being featured in such a highly visible way tonight!!  


Isle of Palms, SC

This alligator came on shore on Monday of this week at about 11am, walked up the beach, and came to a stop under these beach chairs and umbrellas. This is actually the second time this has happened in two years, the first being June of 2011. Experts explain that the cause of the incident is likely the high temperatures:

Alligators can overheat very, very quickly in the summer time. So a lot of it’s just the layers in the pond and the different temperatures. If that upper temperature of that pond level gets down to the bottom of the pond where they can’t stand it, they’re going to have to find a deeper setting to cool off.

Long-time Charleston preservationist Elizabeth Jenkins Young passed last night at the age of 92 ›

Young was the city’s first female tour guide in 1952, legendary for her radical stances on preserving historic buildings, born at the historic Brick House Plantation on Edisto, graduate of the College of Charleston.  She also promised city and county officials, “If you tear it down, I’ll haunt you,” about more than one threatened house.  Funeral arrangements are pending.

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Charleston hits the spot.... #1 that is. ›

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